The requirement for developing and implementing a PEEP for an employee can easily be accomplished within a workplace, but it is more complex and difficult to manage those people visiting a building, particularly a first-time visitor to a public assembly building. This presents many challenges for a building owner or facility manager, as the provisions of AS 3745-2010 include the same considerations for a visitor to a building as for an employee within the building.

Queen Victoria Building, internal view of shopping arcadeA person responsible for a building must, therefore, have mechanisms and strategies in place to ensure that any persons not inducted or familiar with the emergency management controls within a building can safely evacuate the building.

These should be documented within a Group (or General) Emergency Evacuation Plan (or ‘GEEP’).

At EgressAbility™, we can review your security and emergency arrangements to confirm that general provisions are in place to deal with the abilities of all occupants, including the young, old and those with sensory or activity limitations.