The Egress Group EgressAbility™ logo is based on universal design principles. The design shows a group of people, of varying abilities, ages and sizes moving through an exit way at differing speeds.

EgressAbility Logo

The group includes people of larger and short stature, a person using a wheelchair, a person with an assistance dog and a pregnant lady.

The first two images are part of the Accessible Exit Sign Project, which is an international campaign promoting the need for an accessible means of egress in all buildings. The concept has been developed by Lee Wilson from Egress Group Pty Ltd. This image is referred to as the Accessible Means of Egress Icon

Accessible Means of Egress Icon

If you would like to read more about universal design, we suggest visiting these websites:

The EgressAbility™ logo (Copyright© Egress Group Pty Ltd 2018) is protected by international copyright law (including the Berne Convention). 

The Accessible Means of Egress Icon is a Registered Trademark and Registered Design Aus 355564 NZ 419340.

The Accessible Means of Egress Icon with Running Man is a Registered Design Aus 355657 NZ 419339.