EgressAbility™ is a Specialist Disability Access Consultancy who go beyond getting people into buildings – we want to help get them out in an emergency too!

EgressAbility™ is part of Egress Group and adopts an exciting new approach to accessibility consulting in Australia.

EVERYWHERE needs to be accessible and safe for EVERYONE.

We can help organisations provide safer buildings that provide access into the building as well as out of the building during an emergency.

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Ideally, this process should commence when the building is in the initial concept design stage but could also be considered during a planned upgrade. This approach can help ensure safe places are available for people with activity limitations to wait for assistance in an emergency and where possible, ensure an accessible means of egress out of the building is available.

We can work with employers, architects, emergency management companies and fire safety engineers to develop equitable concepts that will consider all occupants. This could include providing advice on how emergency plans can also be improved.

We want managers of workplaces and public spaces to plan for the evacuation of ALL building occupants.

  • Reduce risks by adopting a universal design approach to emergency planning.
  • Design new buildings with better accessible egress features.
  • Plan for everyone’s abilities and leave no one behind.